Wall Colors Decoration for Your Kids Room

The colors have an effect on everyone, and it’s good to know to understand how they affect your children, and can thus choose the most suitable to decorate your kids room, game room or studying room.

Dominant Green

Related to change, growth and evolution. Stimulates learning. It is suitable for shy children, who are afraid to venture, dependent on their caregivers or need an extra dose of energy. It is inappropriate for children who have trouble relaxing or sleeping.

Dominant Red

The color of energy and emotion. Is associated with intensity, power, virility, but also anger. It is suitable for children with low physical activity, as stimulation, encourages learning and promotes loquacity. It is inappropriate for hyperactive children, who are angry or frustrated easily and those with sleep problems.

Dominant Blue

Relaxes and soothes. It is suitable for children with over-activity, lack of concentration or easily excitable. It is also suitable for increasing self-esteem. It is inappropriate if the child tends to be irritable or sad, and is not suitable for children with low physical activity.

Dominant Yellow

The color is more optimistic. It is suitable for children with low moods, which tend to be isolated. It can be encourages clarity of expression.

Dominant White

It stimulates the intellect. If the room is too white, it is hard to relax, but also makes me frustrated or feeling depressed. Suitable for children afraid of the dark, if you have vision problems, to increase optimism. It is inappropriate when children do not stop talking, they are very restless, have difficulty relating with other children or require too much attention from their caregivers.

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When we are planning to decorate a nursery, the first thing to decide is the color, and will mark the style and atmosphere in which the small will be developed.

Those skilled in decorating believe that decorating a small room to be divided between two main age brackets. A room of newborns to three years old, dominated by neutral colors that convey tranquility, as the beige color, light green, or if you know the sex also can opt for the traditional pink or blue, but in soft tones.

From three to 11 years old, provide good strong color accents to stimulate their creativity, and your room in most cases is also your place to play, where they keep their toys and spend time.

It is very important the type of paint you choose to paint the room as they are preferred water-based paints, non-toxic and washable, the enamel or other paint solvents. Better still if we use organic paint free of heavy metals, to avoid any damage.

If you choose paper to decorate the walls, it must be washable, especially when you start to draw it all, we know that the vast majority of them are small great artists.

When the child is a little bigger children can choose a fun type of paint as paint or paint magnet board.

In Blog suggest you paint figures of drawings that they like the smaller ones, especially if rooms are not too large, and when we have more space, looks nice large mural that has a design associated with a theme you like, the field, the beach, animals, your favorite pictures … to turn your bedroom into a magical place and also, if a careful selection of colors to choose from, can help your physical and emotional development during the first years of life.

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