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How Does Your Garden Look Good?

Would you like to decorate your home garden? If you really want to look good, there are only a few basic rules that must be respected.

Design your garden is important.

Here are some tips that your garden can look beautiful:

Adequate lighting

Some plants need light, and sometimes not. We try to provide good lighting for plants that are in dire need.

No less important for plants, but not too much sun protection, so make sure the factories, or in the shade garden. This will ensure healthy growth of your plants and improve the look of your garden.

Right soil

Drainage study to determine the type of soil. Select the type of soil, plants growing in your garden.

The collection of all annual and perennial plants

Grouping of similar businesses is a great way to improve your garden. Perennials and annuals in one place to another. Annual live for a year, it is recommended that every year the plant together one.

Color Selection

According to his wish and design that you plan your garden, choose the right color for your garden. Colors like blue and lavender are impressive for a fall. To plant in spring, yellow or white to give your garden a fresh look.

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