Home Lighting Decoration Ideas

Lighting is an important aspect of any room. Lighting not only creates a certain mood, but also lets you see what you’re doing.

With all the lighting options available, it can be difficult to decide what type of lighting will work best for your kitchen style, work room and other rooms in your home. Here are the main categories of lighting that many professionals mention.

Task Lighting

You should start by deciding on the lighting for your task area. You will need good lighting for this area as it is used the most.

Task Lighting

Task areas often include your counters top, kitchen and stove area, your work desk, and your bathroom shower or vanity. Many professionals recommend bright light without shadows for such projects. To get this look, Light Search recommends using fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lamps are also energy efficient. These lighting fixtures can be mounted under cabinets to project onto the counter top space.

For other desk areas that don’t have some type of shelf above them to attach lights, attach a chandelier or lamp to the ceiling. Chandeliers are becoming more popular due to the variety of decorative designs available.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is less important lighting. It is often used to set the mood of your space. If you’re entertaining at night, you may want to have light controls installed for certain fixtures, so you can dim them. Dimming the lights provides a more soothing glow than bright incandescent bulbs shining from the ceiling.

Ambient Lighting

The folks at Light Searcher says you may not have to worry about ambient lighting during the day if your home has a large window that lets in a lot of sunlight. Many homeowners who expect a warm, inviting presence ask for back lighting to create this atmosphere.

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