Measures of safety to avoid disaster in the kitchen

7 Measures of safety to avoid disaster in the kitchen

The kitchen is a very dangerous place at the home of all households, which calls for a series of security measures. You are not alone in the treatment of hot surfaces, such as cookers, hobs, and even dealing with sharp objects like knives and utensils.

Security measures kitchen despite adult head and with great attention and concern, rather painful in the kitchen.

However, if you can not avoid incomplete, may increase the risk of natural disasters and the kitchen by following some precautions to reduce the kitchen.

1. Install smoke detectors

Install a smoke detector is the security measures first and foremost in the kitchen. Strictly speaking, for the installation of smoke detectors in every room of your home. Not everything in the kitchen, but the installation problem is very close to the kitchen. Therefore, you should check regularly and replace batteries twice a year.

2. Keep children and pets

Children and animals do not belong in the kitchen and should be kept of all kinds. How to raise their children enough to get to the kitchen or helping in the kitchen should not be allowed in the kitchen. Pets and children can be a source of distraction in the kitchen. So, unknowingly, may be violated.

3. You prefer to protect your eyes

Protective clothing is very important when working in the kitchen. Be sure to wear long sleeves and dangerous things flowing easily. In addition, synthetic clothing and other combustible items should be used.

4. Wear gloves and grips

Always carry a good collection of gloves, pads, working in the kitchen. It is used regularly to get or keep things in the oven. vessel microwave can be very hot, and are more likely to burn, a Petri dish. So remember, when using a microwave oven.

5. Check outputs

Outlets in every room including the kitchen in your home should be an electrician once a month or a year, depending on what is possible and without error in the household wiring should be installed, but for verification to prevent disasters .

6. Learn how to use fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are the most important tools in the kitchen, and know how to use them when necessary. Keep fire extinguishers on hand and remember that you do not use water to extinguish fires in electrical equipment and grease.

7. Kitchen appliances should be treated with caution

Before cleaning, new appliances in the kitchen, reading a manual or instructions for the device. Be careful with the blades of blenders and food industries, but not with your fingers to clean them. With attention only for the purpose of this is done.

After these precautions in the kitchen accident probability is very small.

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